Focus -Group

A focus group is a small-group discussion guided by a trained leader. Focus group method is used in cases when you need a deep consideration of issues with extended answers to questions, a full explanation of the motives, opinions, attitudes and beliefs. Despite the partial formalization and having a plan (topic-guides), a communication is in a free form and respondents can express their thoughts and emotions. This method is more effective in combination with quantitative methods (Mix-techniques such as a unique method developed by IR "GRIFON-EXPERT" - Car Clinic.)
Focus groups method is used for the following tasks:
• Search for new and interesting ideas and proposals (modifications of the product, brand, etc.).
• Testing of the new (or improved) concepts of product, services or packaging; identifying strengths and weaknesses of the concept;
• Identifying customer needs and preferences, their perceptions and attitudes to the products;
• Identifying the problems that consumers have in the process of product consumption;
• Assess of emotional and behavioral consumer reaction to the advertising content.

MIX-methods using focus groups

TESTING CARS BY CAR CLINIC in competitive environment
Car Clinic is a method of marketing research which is used to explore new and existing models of cars among the various target segments and compare to competitive brands. "Griffin-EXPERT" has improved this method and developed a unique technology for research aimed at studying the perception of the cars in competitive environment. This method includes focus groups, questionnaires, test drive.

The difference between the natural focus groups from the classic ones is that participants are in familiar and comfortable environment. Natural focus groups are conducted in households, working collectives and so on.

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RC "GRIFON-EXPERT" specialises in marketing research for different segments of the automotive market

Expert (In-depth) interviews

Informal conversation on a particular topic between the respondent and the interviewer (moderator), carried out in accordance with a predetermined plan.


This method helps to assess the quality of the company, its branches or individual employees.

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