Marketing Experiment

An experiment is a method of primary data collection in which the researcher intervenes in certain processes to identify the connections between different factors.

Marketing experiment is an introduction of any business ideas to test their viability in a real situation. By changing the actions of various factors, the researcher identifies cause-and-effect connections to determine the the influence of independent variables on dependent variables.

As a result, marketing experiment determines which course of action id better for business and measures the effect of these actions.
Method of marketing experiment is effectively used in the case of testing the viability of a completely new product or service, that do not have the equivalent.
Moreover, this method is used in the cases when it is necessary to test the effect of marketing tools: pricing for a product, the effect of advertising, demand formation, the methods of sales promotion, etc.

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Focus -Group

A focus group is a small-group discussion guided by a trained leader.

Desk research

Gather and analyz information from different sources


This method helps to assess the quality of the company, its branches or individual employees.

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