Hall -test, Home-Test


Hall test

Hall test is testing of certain characteristics of the goods / advertising materials indoors, conducted in the form of an interview.

Types of testing:
• "blind" (brand unknown) and "open" tests (brand known);
• estimated (one product) and comparative (several similar products).

Hall tests are carried out in those cases when it is necessary to:
• Get information about the perception of the goods or services from consumers;
• Assess the consumers attitude to the brand, packaging, consumer goods properties;
• Identify the most important for consumers properties of the goods;
• Develop the right positioning strategy for a product or service;
• Develop the most effective advertising strategy (channels, methods and types of data transmission);
• Compare products with competing products, to determine the advantages and disadvantages;
• Attract loyal customer, etc.

Hall-test is carried out in a specially equipped room where respondents get subjects of testing. Hall-test can also be carried out with the computer technology, when the respondent answers are entered into the computer, and the customer receives data on-line.


The main difference between home-test and hall-test is that the product testing occurs at home - in usual conditions of using the product. The consumer in the process of testing can make a full impression of the product. In this case he assess not only the visual appeal of the goods, the quality of packaging, but also deeper consumer properties of the goods.

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Retail Audit (audit of retailers) is the research that includes the analysis of the range, distribution, prices and promotional materials in retail outlets for the product groups.

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