St. Petersburg State University

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Founded in 1724 by Peter the Great, Saint Petersburg University was to become the first institution of higher education in Russia. SPbU is a leading Russian university with teaching and research excellence ranked among the world’s top universities.
Among University alumni are the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, Prime-Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovskiy, President of the Russian Academy of Education Liudmila Verbitskaya, mathematicians Grigoriy Perelman and Sergey Smirnov as well as many others.

St. Petersburg University Today:
30,000 students
6,000 staff members
106 undergraduate programs
205 master programs and areas of specialization
263 doctoral degree programs
29 clinical residency programs
international students from over 70 countries
over 3 000 international students on degree and non-degree programs
350 partner universities
the best university Research Park in Russia
7,000,000 books in the collection of the University Research Library
diploma issued in Russian and English
12,800 places in the halls of residence

Research Company "GRIFFON-EXPERT" is actively involved in the preparation and training of young specialists universities Saint - Petersburg.
For his part the Director of RC "GRIFFON-EXPERT" Alexander Petrenko in the final certification of graduates in 2016, St. Petersburg State University announced gratitude and invited further collaboration.

Research Company "GRIFFON-EXPERT" has received a thank you letter from the Dean of the Department of International Relations, Saint Petersburg State University for their active participation in the organization of practical training for undergraduate and graduate students.
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