Branding is efficient technology of attracting and retaining customers’ loyalty.

Research Company "GRIFON-EXPERT" provides with complex of services for the development and launch of new brands on Russian market and in former USSR countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Moldova, Turkmenistan.
Experts of our company brought to the Russian market more than 50 new brands: meats, milk and dairy products, butter, dumplings, chocolates, wine, vodka, retail stores, furniture, sports nutrition, fitness clubs, etc.
In 2014-2016 research company "GRIFON-EXPERT brought brand Gazelle NEXT "Group GAZ" - the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in Eastern Europe, to the markets of Russia, countries of the former Soviet Union, the European Union, Serbia, Turkey and the Middle East Russian One of the priority activities of the company is the creation and promotion of "private label" for retailers.
The company GRIFON-EXPERT" works with the following Russian and foreign retail chains: "DIXI", "OK", "K-Rauta", "Crossroads", "REM sport" and others.
Research company "GRIFON-EXPERT” will be glad to cooperate on the creation and promotion of brands, as well as on marketing research of customer loyalty, naming, promotion strategy, development of the brand.

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