Benchmarking is a continuous analysis of the best in practice of competitors, comparison with the company created a reference model of business.

Benchmarking examines the company in different areas:

- Marketing, sales, advertising strategies of competitors
- Assessment of market share
- Production volumes
- Sales volume : month/year
- System of logistics, transportation flows, warehouse work
- The range, the prices of manufactured/sold products
- Database of customers
- Other issues of client’s interest.
Конкурентная разведка

Конкурентная разведка
Determining the company's competitiveness on the market
Identification of strengths and weaknesses
Identification of the best practices for companies of this type
Development of new marketing strategies
Development of new and innovative approaches to improve business processes
Конкурентная разведка

The methods mostly used in the benchmarking:

- Expert, personal telephone interview with competitors, large customers (b2b) based on the scenarios;
- Desk research is analysis of information publicly available on the web portals, industry sites, statistical sources
- Mystery shopper
- Observation – research of the behavior of competitors in normal conditions

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Monitoring of industrial markets with the aim of developing an effective business strategy


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