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Retail Audit (audit of retailers) is the research that includes the analysis of the range, distribution, prices and promotional materials in retail outlets for the product groups. Ритейл-аудит
Ритейл-аудитRetail Audit carried out for the following purposes:

1. Research the different retail options in the dynamics:
- The range of different groups goods
- Placing the goods on the shelves
- Packaging (appearance, convenience)
- The goods price level
2. Compare retail outlets, select the most efficient system of work in the retail outlet and extend it to other ones.
3. Correct product strategy
4. Correct price policy
5. Improve merchandising quality Ритейл-аудит

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Hall -test, Home-Test

Hall test is testing of certain characteristics of the goods / advertising materials indoors, conducted in the form of an interview.


This method helps to assess the quality of the company, its branches or individual employees.

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