Expert (In-depth) interviews

In-depth interview is informal conversation on a particular topic between the respondent and the interviewer (moderator), carried out in accordance with a predetermined plan.
Expert interview is in-depth interview with competent industry experts, who are well aware of the specifics of the subject.
Экспертные (глубинные) интервью

Method of deep (expert) interviews is used in cases when:

• Necessary to get a deep understanding and detailed answers to sensitive questions
• Necessary to get a deep understanding of the behavior related to making important decisions
• Necessary to refer to the respondents’ biographies, etc.
• When there is an opportunity that in group discussions (focus groups), respondents may change their point of view in accordance with the views of the majority
Экспертные (глубинные) интервью

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Hall -test, Home-Test

Hall test is testing of certain characteristics of the goods / advertising materials indoors, conducted in the form of an interview.

Focus -Group

A focus group is a small-group discussion guided by a trained leader.

Quantitative surveys

Сonducting interviews with respondents using structured questionnaire with open and closed questions.

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