Quantitative surveys

Quantitative surveys are conducting interviews with respondents using structured questionnaire with open and closed questions.
Количественные опросы
Quantitative surveys help to:

• Identify potential customers;
• Conduct market segmentation in accordance with the quantitative and qualitative consumers’ characteristics;
• Assess the awareness, perception, attitude and customer requirements to a product (enterprise), its characteristics, price and other elements of the marketing complex;
• Study consumer behavior and motivations, decision process;
• Identify the factors that influence the behavior of the potential customers and their management capabilities;
• Assess the effectiveness of marketing programs, methods and instruments;
• Identify the characteristics of potential consumers (socio-demographic, psychological, behavioral), etc.Количественные опросы

Depending on the research tasks, quantitative surveys can be conducted in the following formats:

Personal interview.

Personal interview involves trust and confidents, it is possible to use the demonstration materials (cards, photos, drawings). The main advantage of a personal interview is that the interviewer sees the respondent and can be sure that the respondent understands the task and gives full answers.

Telephone interviews.

Telephone interview is an individual interview, that is conducted over the telephone. To conduct the survey by telephone we use a database of phone numbers formed according to the studied market and necessary groups of respondents.

With modern communications.

Our company carries out quantitative surveys by using online panels, social media, professional forums and chat rooms, sending e-mails.

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Hall -test, Home-Test

Hall test is testing of certain characteristics of the goods / advertising materials indoors, conducted in the form of an interview.


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