RC "GRIFON-EXPERT" specialises in marketing research for different segments of the automotive market.

The analysts of our company have developed a unique author's Mix-method of research. Car Clinic includes "qualitative" (focus groups, blind testing, natural groups, in-depth interviews), "quantitative" methods (personal interviews with customers) and test-drives. Unique method of Car clinic research is modified depending on the features and specifics of cars and market, as well as on Your wishes.
Исследования автомобильного рынка
Results of research:

The author's method of RC "GRIFON-EXPERT" is a detailed research of the perception of the car from all sides (technical characteristics, design, interior), identification of the advantages and disadvantages of the tested vehicle compared to the competitors, as well as the opportunities to see the reaction of the new potential customers on a particular brand of car.

As a result, you will receive information that will help you to make successful decisions in the following complex issues: how to bring the car to foreign markets, how to increase sales on the market, what should be improved in future models, how to promote the car, how to choose the best pricing policy, how to establish a service, etc.
Исследования автомобильного рынка
Исследования автомобильного рынка
Исследования автомобильного рынка
Исследования автомобильного рынка

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Vehicle testing by Car Clinik method

Car Clinic is a method of marketing research for exploring new and existing models among different target segments and its comparison with competitive brands

Focus -Group

A focus group is a small-group discussion guided by a trained leader.

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